Vodafone R218 mobile wifi modem


Battery life on the Vodafone R218 modem

The Huawei R218 modem will give up to 4 hours surfing with 5 users connected and will last on standby for 100 hours. The R218 is available from £12 on Pay monthly data plans with 3gb of data and £45 on PAYG plans.



Connect up to 5 devices to the internet on the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi1R206

Vodafone R218 modem review

The biggest problem with mobile broadband dongles is they only work with devices that have a USB socket meaning your iphone, tablet, PSP, ipod touch and many other devices can't get wifi through a dongle. The Huawei R218 from Vodafone lets you connect upto 5 devices to its wifi connection giving you many more options.

The R218 even has a memory card slot so that you can share files over your Wi-Fi network with other users. If you are a Vodafone customer and want 4g mobile wifi then this is the only option open to you at present. Fast download speeds – up to 150 megabits per second.

The R218 can also help you in business. You can create a temporary hotspot to share your internet connection with mobile workgroups allowing shared internet access. This is most useful whilst on site visits and away from the office. This is a big advantage over a mobile dongle.

To charge your R218 Vodafone has included both USB and mains adaptors in the box. The device is battery, mains or USB powered, and this flexibility allows the device to be positioned for best mobile coverage. After 10 minutes without any users connected to the Vodafone R218 Mobile Wi-Fi (via Wi-Fi or USB cable), the device will go into sleep mode.

To check the latest data packages from Vodafone please visit their website.

System requirements for your Vodafone Huawei R218 wifi modem

To use the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R218 you need a device with Wi-Fi capability (supporting WiFi 802.11 b/g) and an internet browser for further device configuration.


The Vodafone R218 Mobile Wi-Fi is designed to be quick and simple to start using and does not require the user to have a great technical knowledge. After ten minutes without any users connected to the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi (via Wi-Fi or USB cable), the device will go into sleep mode.